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Portable Dishwasher : Convenient when you need it - Out of Sight when you don't.

A portable dishwasher can be a perfect solution to the chore of cleaning dishes when a built-in dishwasher isn't possible. You can have a convenient way to wash your dishes without remodeling your kitchen.

So, what makes a dishwasher portable? Well, that one is easy - wheels!
More seriously, the main difference of a portable dishwasher is that it is not permanently plumbed into the kitchen and the cabinetry. A portable dishwasher only needs to be connected to the power, water and drainage points while it is washing dishes.

Once it is connected up, the mobile version of the dishwasher, functions exactly like its stationary, built-in cousin.

Now you see it, now you don't

The biggest advantage of a portable dishwasher is its mobility. Having the option to roll your dishwasher out of sight, can be a great benefit. Some people just don't have the space available or a cabinet under the counter that they can sacrifice to a built-in dishwasher.

Whatever your reasons to keep it hidden from sight, once you decide to use your portable dishwasher, it really is very easy and quick to connect up the hoses and power cord. An average person can complete the whole process and be ready to hit the 'On' button in less than two minutes.

Does Size Matter?

One of the dishwasher features that must be considered when looking at a portable version is size. In this case, size covers 2 different aspects - dimensions and capacity.

A lot of portable dishwashers will be 18 inches wide. This makes it far easier to move around and also to hide away in a cupboard. However, many models can be 24 inches wide, which is similar to the dimensions of a built-in dishwasher.

Capacity is how many of your dishes will fit into the dishwasher. A smaller dishwasher means less space. You will fill it up sooner and have to run it more frequently. However, a well designed portable dishwasher can fit a surprising amount of items. Some can even manage up to 10 place settings such as this Frigidaire Portable Dishwasher.

What do you Give Up when you Choose a Portable Dishwasher?

You really don't have to give up any dishwasher features when you choose a portable. All features that you can get on a built-in are available in portable dishwashers too.

For example, many portable dishwashers have features that you might not expect, such as:

  • stainless steel tub and interior (no rust or cracks or chips)
  • multiple wash cycles (including Rinse & Hold)
  • wash upper rack only
  • adjustable racks
  • removable upper rack
  • delayed start
  • food grinder

When is a Portable Dishwasher the Best Choice?

An obvious reason to buy a portable dishwasher is because you need the mobility. For example, if you live in an apartment and don't have the luxury of being able to remodel the kitchen. You can have the convenience of a dishwasher and feel happy knowing that when you leave, you can take it with you to your next apartment.

Even for those who own their own home, you may not have the cabinet space for a dishwasher. However, you do have space in a pantry or nearby closet that could house a portable dishwasher, to be rolled out when needed.

Another good reason to buy a portable dishwasher is to gain a new 'cabinet' for storing dishes. Don't hide it in a closet, leave it out in the kitchen and use it as a handy place to store dirty dishes (or clean ones). Many portable types of dishwasher have a top that can be used as an extra kitchen work surface. Several even have laminate or butcher block tops. For example, the GE Portable Dishwashers shown here. So you end up with a dishwasher, more storage and more counter space.

Sometimes the portability isn't as important as the convenience of the smaller sized dishwasher. Not everyone creates large numbers of dirty plates and bowls on a daily basis. Why pay for the larger capacity if you just don't need it. Buying ony what you need makes sense and you save money because you use less water and electricity. This is typically the situation for single people, a working couple with no children or a retired couple.

Keeping flexibility in mind, many portable dishwashers can be easily converted into a built-in. Most manufacturers supply conversion kits that allow you to convert a portable dishwasher into a built-in without too much fuss. So you can adapt the dishwasher as your situation changes.

Planet 'Portable' isn't Perfect

How much noise is too much? No stand-alone dishwasher can be as quiet as the equivalent built-in. A portable doesn't have a nice solid cabinet surrounding it with layers of sound insulation. This could be a problem for those in small apartments or those who need regular naps! If you are a sound sleeper then perhaps a model with a delayed start feature could solve this issue by letting you clean dishes overnight.

Portable does not necessarily mean inexpensive. Even a portable dishwasher is a complex piece of equipment. You may still have to sacrifice some features to save cost. So do your homework and use the DishwasherGuru website to make sure that you understand what features you need to spend your money on.

You may not have space for it in the kitchen but a portable dishwasher still has to end up somewhere. It is still a decent sized appliance and takes up space. You need to find that space in a convenient location to make it easy to use. If you really don't have enough space even for a portable then you should have a look at the Countertop Dishwasher section of this website.

Finally, a portable dishwasher requires effort from you every time you use it. You have to move it into position (unless you keep it in the same location all the time), then connect up the power cord and hoses. Not everyone is physically capable of such labor.

Buying a Portable Dishwasher - Things to Think About

The main factor in buying any kind of dishwasher is whether it has the features that you need. The best way to do this is to understand all the dishwasher features that are available, then create a list of those you need. With your list of needs, you can then narrow your selection of available models. The best place to understand dishwasher features is right here at DishwasherGuru. So get comfortable in your chair and look around the website. Trust me, you'll be your own Dishwasher Guru in no time at all.

Think about the size of your new dishwasher. How many dishes do you need to clean and how often? How many place settings will you need the dishwasher to handle at once? Do you have oversized or irregular items like a large spaghetti pot or your favorite cooking sheet. Maybe you have young children and will have a lot of 'sippy cups' that need to be sanitized? Reading this website will help you think through all of this. Remember to verify what the exact dimensions of the dishwasher before you buy - some 18 inch dishwashers won't fit into an 18 inch space.

The problems of connecting a portable dishwasher must also be considered. How many hoses do you have to attach every time you use it? What length do the hoses and power cord need to be for the dishwasher to work in your kitchen? Will you need to get extensions for the hoses? Will the hose attachments work with the type of faucets that you own?

The hoses and power cords can be just as much trouble when they are not connected. Is there a way to store them or will they simply trail onto the floor when not in use? Are there clips on the back of the dishwasher that allow you to coil up the cord and hoses out of the way?

It is easy to overlook that a portable dishwasher is still no lightweight. This may be okay when you are just moving it around your kitchen but you have to get it home first. Make sure that you can have the appliance delivered if necessary. Account for the delivery charges when comparing prices. This is a great reason to buy online, some internet stores offer free shipping and/or installation.

Buying a Dishwasher Online

When buying dishwashers, shopping online is a huge advantage. You can go to your local store to try out the dishwashers. You can defend yourself from the salespeople with all the questions that you prepared from this website. You can be confident that you have chosen the best portable dishwasher for your needs.
Then you can turn on your heels and walk away!

Instead of buying on the spot, you can come home and look for the best deals online. In the stores you can test whether the model has enough space for your 20 quart pot. Then online, you can find the lowest price or the best finance package for that same dishwasher. Sometimes you even find a model online that wasn't in the store but with extra features for the same price.

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Portable Dishwasher

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