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Drawer Dishwasher : What is it and Why do I Need it?

A drawer dishwasher is the very latest design in dishwashers. It provides all of the features found in a traditional built-in dishwasher but adds a few new ones. If you have never seen one befoe then they are definitely worth considering as an option.

Instead of the standard single 'wash' area into which all of the dishes are stored on racks, the drawer dishwasher has 2 separate 'wash' areas, each enclosed within an upper and lower drawer. Apart from that, all the other features found on traditional dishwashers are available in drawer dishwashers. They also function equally as well and there is no loss of effectiveness or efficiency.

So, what's the big deal about them? As you can see from the example on this page, they do look totally different and that can be a distinguishing factor when redesigning a kitchen. However the main attraction to drawer dishwasers comes once you look at how you use them.

Filling a dishwasher with a full load of dishes is important in order to get the most efficient use of your water and energy, to keep those costs down. With a Drawer Dishwasher you have the option to fill up either one of the drawers and only set that one drawer cleaning. This gives you the flexibility of using both drawers when you have large loads, and saving money when you don't. This can replace the need that some families have for keeping a small Countertop Dishwasher in addition to their traditional built-in dishwasher.

If you are only running just a single drawer then a lot of people find that using the top drawer is also far more convenient to load and unload. The dishes are effectively loaded into the drawer from above. There is less stooping over and bending down to load the bottom rack. Anyone with a bad back will find this helps a great deal.

Two for the Price of One?

Another unique benefit of a drawer dishwasher is the fact that even when you decide to use both drawers, you still have more flexibility. Since both drawers are totally independent 'wash' areas, they can be used at the same time to perform different wash cycles.

So while you are using the top drawer for a gentle wash cycle for your china and crystal, you can have the lower drawer running at the same time cleaning your pots and pans on a heavy scrub cycle. This gives you a huge amount of choice when it comes to cleaning dishes. Most people have quite a varied pattern of accumulating dishes and often have different types of dishes at the same time. A drawer dishwasher means that you don't have to choose between a wash cycle that is only right for half the load. The only other option in a standard dishwasher would be to run two separate loads and waste water and energy.

Maybe you only need to do large loads at the weekend. Simply use one drawer during the week. Perhaps you load up the appetizer and first course dishes into the top drawer and start them cleaning, neatly out of sight. Meanwhile, you have the other drawer to load up the main course dishes when you are done and can enjoy the rest of the evening with your guests.

Will a Drawer be too small?

One area of concern that people often have with drawer dishwashers is the idea that the 'wash' area being split into two won't allow you to handle large items. This can be a genuine issue but really applies to all dishwashers, not just the drawer variety. It is far more important to consider the specific designs of the racks and how they will cope with your requirements. Many features exist in rack design that help to accomodate larger items. For example, adjustable racks, fold down and flip up tines, moveable compartments and baskets within a rack. When used in a drawer dishwasher, it is surprising just how much can be handled.

The trick is to really test whatever dishwasher you are thinking of getting by trying out some of your larger or odd-shaped items in each dishwasher that you are considering buying. If these items are ones that you need the dishwasher to handle regularly then this is extremely important to do.

Single Drawer Dishwasher

There is a version of the drawer dishwashers that comes with a single drawer. Although this does not provide the benefits and flexibility of the double drawer dishwasher, it does give some advantages.

Think of the single drawer version as very similar to a standard built-in but taking up far less space. Usually a single drawer dishwasher is built into the top half of a cabinet under the counter. This means that it still gives you the benefits of being higher up and easy to load. You also save water and energy by using smaller loads of dishes. Of course, you do sacrifice capacity and lose the ability to handle larger loads in a single session.

Buying a Dishwasher Online

Don't forget that even though it is important to test out your dishes with real models in a store, there is no need to buy one right there on the spot. Instead, you can come home and look for the best deals on the internet. Look round a few online websites to see if there are any models that you've missed. Check to see if the store you just visited has any special online deals that you can take advantage of. Perhaps they have free shipping if you buy a dishwasher online. Or they might have a better warranty than your local store. It really won't cost you anything to look at all your options but it can save you lots of money.

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Drawer Dishwasher

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